Sunday, April 9, 2017

Positive Spins and Nudgings of Change

        A couple of weeks ago I pinned an archived post to the top of the PB Facebook Community Page, again, and the experience I had while searching for it had me thinking of something which I ended up sharing along with the actual, shared link.  After typing out that whole thing, I realized it would just as well work for a blog post, but I was too tired to try to make that work right then, so I decided to just copy it, paste it into a new post on the blog, wiggle around with it, and ta da!  New post! Then last week happened, and I pushed it off again, and this week I'm just gonna do it!  With slight apologies to those who might remember much of it.  Here's how it went:

Funnily enough, this concept has been churning a bit in the back of my mind, lately, and it amuses me (and/or sometimes has me rolling my eyes) when I think, "Ugh, I hate sharing another old post when all I want is the energy to write a new one!"  Only to stumble across one which nudges *me*.  Ahem.
PB Admin story time moment!
You might have noticed that some of the more recent blog posts have been a bit more - real and raw? - than I've written in the past.  Well, that's the way life goes, right?  The PB Project came at what seems to have been the end of another blog project I ran for quite some time, because it was more about my quirky humor, and the feeling of the writing stopped feeling like the blog, so when I started getting comments, I simply paused that one and turned toward new things.  
Not saying I'm stopping this and turning to newer things...I'm just allowing this to follow wherever it leads, because it never had a set purpose, other than to help others feel they aren't alone in whatever they face, and continuing to remind each other that there is still light and positivity in the world.  Quite frankly, I'm too honest to do something that opens a window to my being, and then fake what you see!  Plus, FB has been increasingly bottle-necking views, so either you'll come back to visit because you value what is shared here, or FB wins anyway because it won't show it to you.  I'm unable to change my nature, nor FB, either way.
I just wanted you to know that I don't know what the future holds: for me; for PB; for anything, really.  I CAN tell you that I want more than anything to be able to keep making a positive impact on this world, and if this is the way I do that, I hope with all my heart I can keep doing it.  It might just require some creative brainstorming and help in some form or other, online and/or offline.  Things have a way of moving forward, if we're patient and watching for the opportunities which come along.  

        Why am I sharing this, here?  Because while I have no idea who nor how many there are who follow by email, since the blog only tracks actual visits to the blog site, I know that there are those who do, and I want you readers to know why there has been a significant lag, this year.  My health, my other, offline circumstances, and other issues have simply made it more challenging to run the PB Project than it has been before, particularly in the creativity aspect.  I've hoped that it would just be a quickly passing thing and back to business as it had been, but maybe not?  So I thought it only fair that everyone should know, because I have listened and I do realize that there are those of you who do follow regularly and care about me and the Project and those others who follow it.  And I care about you, too, which is why I call you my friends and whanau, and not just readers or whatever else.

"Strangers, as friends," right?

        Better days ahead, my friends!

©The Phoenix and The Butterfly

©The Phoenix and The Butterfly

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